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  • Aren't shipping containers just hot ovens when they are used for homes or offices?
    Absolutely not! Like every structure base, such as wood, concrete, block, or steel panels, they all require insulation. The reality is, that we use new NASA type Ceramic spray insulation, which is most effective when applied to metal. In fact, if you build a home, office, emergency shelter or storage unit using Ceramic Insulation paint (spray) the structure will probably be more energy efficient than a conventional home.
  • What about rust and corrosion? Won't a metal shipping container rust quite easily?
    No. Remember, an ISBU is a Shipping Container used for ocean shipping, humidity and saltwater. A shipping container is a special, non-corrosive Corten steel; then, when coated with the new NASA type Ceramic coating, it becomes virtually rust proof and also prevents mildew, mold and is highly antiseptic. There will be no rust problems.
  • I read that an ISBU Home is Hurricane proof, Is that true?"
    Yes, ISBU Homes, either single units or multiple units connected, can withstand 100 MPH winds on a foundation, or 175 MPH winds when easily anchored with pylons. ...extremely solid in Tornadoes or Hurricanes. This has been proven time after time in many ‘real life’ situations.
  • Why promote the use of ISBU modules in home construction?
    ISBU shipping container modules are the most logical structure base for multiple reasons. -Strongest pre-made structure. Stronger than wood, concrete, and even stronger than normal steel buildings. Lower cost per square foot than other base structures. Truly Eco-Green structures: they are 85% recycled steel, and fully recyclable if demolished. Energy Efficiently because the metal is so cohesive to the Ceramic coatings and NASA type ceramic spray foam insulations they are #1 in energy efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

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